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I have recently become obsessed with collecting books for my future elementary classroom. I look forward to creating an online library of some of my favorites and planning how I will use each book in my classroom.

A Bad Case of Stripes

A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon

This book is about a young girl by the name of Camilla Cream. Camilla Cream will not eat lima beans because none of her friends like to eat lima beans. She begins to get sick and turn different shapes and colors. A doctor comes and gives Camilla Cream various medicine and advice, but nothing works. Eventually, Camilla Cream eats lima beans and she is cured. I would use this book I'm my classroom to encourage students to not be afraid to like things that are different than what their peers enjoy. Also, I can see this book being a great resource when teaching character traits. Camilla Cream offers an audience an abundance of internal and external character traits to identify. A Bad Case of Stripes is on a 3.8 AR level.