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I have recently become obsessed with collecting books for my future elementary classroom. I look forward to creating an online library of some of my favorites and planning how I will use each book in my classroom.

Officer Buckle and Gloria

Officer Buckle and Gloria - Peggy Rathman

Officer Buckle attends schools and gives safety speeches. Unfortunately, many of the students and teachers ignore the safety tips that Officer Buckle gives the school. Gloria, the police dog, begins attending the speeches with Officer Buckle. With Gloria's help, Officer Buckle is finally able to get the school to start implementing his safety tips. I can see myself using this text in my classroom to jump start a conversation about our own class and school safety. Also, this text would be a great resource when addressing community helpers. I could read this book to my class before we dive deeper into the variety of people who help our community remain a safe place. Officer Buckle and Gloria is on a 3.4 AR level.