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I have recently become obsessed with collecting books for my future elementary classroom. I look forward to creating an online library of some of my favorites and planning how I will use each book in my classroom.

The Thank You Book

The Thank You Book (An Elephant and Piggie Book) - Mo Willems, Mo Willems

The Thank You book by Mo Willems has a Lexile level of 180L. Throughout this text, Piggie thanks lots of characters for various things. Gerald is concerned throughout the text that Piggie is forgetting to thank someone. Piggie cannot figure out who is being forgotten. Finally, Gerald tells her that she needs to thank their readers. Piggie then thanks all of the readers and then reflects on what a lucky pig she is. I would read this in a lower elementary classroom to promote thankfulness. I would challenge the students to thank their classmates, their teachers, the custodians, lunchroom ladies, and everyone else who does something for them. Ideally, I would like to keep a running record of each time the students thanked someone and at the end of the week offer a reward.