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I have recently become obsessed with collecting books for my future elementary classroom. I look forward to creating an online library of some of my favorites and planning how I will use each book in my classroom.

Can I Play Too?

Can I Play Too? - Mo Willems

Can I Play Too? tells the story of Gerald and Piggie playing catch. Snake approaches the two and announces he would like to play too. After much effort, the three realize Snake is unable to play catch because he does not have arms. To adjust the game so Snake can play, Gerald and Piggie decide that they will simply throw Snake in place of a ball. Snake loves this idea and all three agree that they love playing catch. I think this book would be great to introduce in a classroom and explain to students that sometimes we have to make adjustments for our friends that are not just like us. I would emphasize that we can adapt our games and activities where the events are fun for everyone. To teach this lesson, I would have students role-play and problem solve to accommodate diverse needs. This story is on a 70L Lexile level.